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Tel: 0844 846 8298

email: info@rkshipman.co.uk

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R K Shipman Ltd, 16 Hewlett Road, Cheltenham, GL52 6AA Tel: 0844 846 8298

email: info@rkshipman.co.uk Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.00pm

Our Specialist Park Home Insurance package is available for most UK Residents, so please contact us for a no obligation quote on 0844 8468 298 or 01392 260 360 if calling from a mobile,  to discuss your specific requirements, or you can complete our online contact us form and we'll contact you within 24 hours (excluding weekends, we are sorry but the offices are closed Saturday and Sunday but we will contact you on the next working day), we will ensure the cover you require will be appropriate for your needs, we look forward to hearing from you.

Tailored insurance cover for your Park Home and its contents, Insurance underwritten by leading insurers Towergate UK and Novae

Exclusive UK Park Home Insurance Benefits…

New for Old cover automatically included

If the worse should happen, have the peace of mind that we will replace your property with a brand new home.

Standard Excess of £50.00

Unlike majority of insurers, we only ask for £50.00 excess in event of a claim.

Blanket cover for your property of £500,000

To ensure that you are fully covered, we will automatically cover you up to £500,000 so you do not have to worry about Site Fees or Inflation.

Blanket cover for your contents of £50,000

The majority of UK Homeowners do not know how much they need for contents, which could mean that they are under insured. Therefore, we automatically give you £50,000 so you do not need to worry.

Optional Accidental Damage

Accidents such as spilling red wine over a cream carpet or knocking a vase off the table can happen to the best of us. By adding Accidental damage to the policy, you can rest assure that these accidents will be covered.

Optional Personal Belongings

Whether it's a Camera, Mobile phone or a suitcase full of luggage. Personal Belongings cover will cover these items when removed from the property.

KeyCare cover

Losing your keys can be very costly, so we will provide you with free Key Care cover to ensure that your keys are replaced if lost. All you will need to do is attach the key-fob to your keys and you are then covered (additional key fobs can be purchased for £16.00).

Home Emergency Cover

If your Electrics blow in the middle of the night or your heating breaks in the middle of winter, your home emergency policy will send someone round to put it right as a matter of priority.

Legal Expenses Cover of up to £50,000 & Identity Theft Protection

Provided by a leading legal provider, Lawshield UK, this policy will allow you to pursue civil claims, consumer rights and personal injury claims as well as providing advice on protecting your Identity from fraudulent activities.

Nationwide Property Watch

By putting a NPW sticker in your window, it allows the police to contact the insurer in event of a break in or damage to the property if you are not around. This will mean that we can secure your property whilst you enjoy your holiday.

30 Days Un-occupancy cover

Providing that you take precautions, your property will be fully covered whilst un-occupied for up to 30 days.